Minority Wrongs

There is a constant danger threatening one of the most fundamental principles in the US. This danger is masked by noble intentions, paraded as if proven effective, and instilled in many as a truth so clear and obvious that anyone who dares to speak against it is treated as a heretic. This danger is minority rights. Even though we have seen throughout history that individualism has been the most effective way to ensure equal rights and social mobility, people still find collectivism appealing. Aristocracy, caste, and even slavery have been virtually removed from societies solely by the principle that every man is created equal and owning himself, i.e. Individualism. The reasons why these principles are proven should be reiterated again and again to make certain we never lose these freedoms.

The Fair Pay Act is being proposed to attempt to eliminate pay differences based on discrimination. There is no dispute that there is a wage gap between different races, genders, or possibly any other category the government wants to section off as a minority. What is ignored is whether or not the gap is caused by socially acceptable factors. Instead, the government bypasses any proof that discrimination has caused pay gaps and uses our biases to garner support for a bill that is nothing more than oppressive state control of wage. For instance, the gender wage gap is being shouted and publicized in support of the Fair Pay Act. The gist of the argument is that if there exists a gap in wage based on gender, there is no need to prove that it happened from socially unacceptable means. It is automatically assumed that the gap is caused by discrimination. Any person who looks at the gender wage gap and feels it should be addressed with legislation has the burden of proof laid solely on them to justify their motivation. If they can’t show that the disparity comes from discrimination or some other socially unacceptable factor, then there is NO reason to pass legislation that would attempt to close the gap in pay.  In fact, they must also prove that the government should have the power to control that type discrimination in the first place.

In 2009, the Department of Labor did an extensive study on the gender wage gap and found that “it is not possible now, and doubtless will never be possible, to determine reliably whether any portion of the observed gender wage gap is not attributable to factors that compensate women and men differently on socially acceptable bases, and hence can confidently be attributed to overt discrimination against women. In addition, at a practical level, the complex combination of factors that collectively determine the wages paid to different individuals makes the formulation of policy that will reliably redress any overt discrimination that does exist a task that is, at least, daunting and, more likely, unachievable.”  That’s pretty clear and concise, and it’s coming from a source that has every incentive in the world to find the opposite conclusion.

We identify with other people who have similar traits as us, whether it be our culture, our religious beliefs, our race, our gender, or even things as arbitrary as our clothing or what music we listen to. The traits in others we identify ourselves with create a sense of belonging. That belonging inevitably creates bias, and with bias comes special treatment. It’s one of the most natural responses in society, but there is a sharp difference when government is allowed to legislate that bias through the special treatment of a minority group.  Why should we allow ourselves to be segregated by government?  Biases, either the biases of the majority or the biases of a minority, are natural aspects of society. The biases may come in the form of discrimination, persecution, or even violence, which creates a snowball effect leading to prejudice and hatred. It is through these divisive aspects of society that government is allowed to group people, and with these groups they garner votes with special treatment.

Individual rights are the only way to ensure that society places everyone on equal ground. Each individual is a citizen. No other category should be applied by government. Any segregation by government is discrimination, regardless of what noble cause they use to justify it. Race, gender, or sexual preference should have no bearing on government employment, taxation, or protection under law. Individual rights protect us from this type of government discrimination, and using statistical data, assumptions, or personal bias to write laws undermines these fundamental principles.

Individual rights protect everyone(regardless of their traits) from violence, protect their property, and protect freedom of speech and association. Freedom of association gives everyone the right to discern who they interact with, regardless what group they are in. This also includes business and employment. Once a person agrees to a wage with an employer, the government should have absolutely NO control over the stipulations or agreements within that contract regarding wage. An individual has every right to negotiate by themselves or collectively when accepting employment without being infringed upon by government.  Even if the government can prove that a gap in wage is caused solely by discrimination, there is absolutely no justification to legislate a bill to attempt to control that discrimination through wage regulation.  If a business rewards failure rather than success, that business will suffer a competitive disadvantage in the market.  In short, a prejudiced employer has a failing business model.

The Fair Pay Act is government control under the guise of minority rights. With it, the government will have another way to control the employment and wage of every citizen in the US. With it, we will be less free and more divided as a people. We are trading our freedom of association for minority rights because of our biases, and placing it in the hands of a government that will never give it back. We are letting minority rights destroy the fabric of our diverse nation. We are letting the government we voted for discriminate against us.

No matter what minority you may or may not identify yourself as, there is no escaping the fact that YOU are actually the smallest minority in society: the individual.

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